Weekend at Amager Strand by Ungt Blod
Amager strand by Ungt Blod
Amager Strand by Ungt Blod
Weekend by Ungt Blod


I had a fantastic break from the thesis writing this weekend while we celebrated first that one of my best friends is having her wedding party next week and second that her daughter turned 1!

The weather in Copenhagen treated us so well and our day included picnic, beach volley and a oils and steam in a swear lodge followed by cold dips in the ocean at the beach near my home.

a h h h h -should give me enough energy for working hard all week!

▶ Tin.e: How wonderful! I will wish for the weather to keep warm and sunny!
▶ Alicematilda: Thank you
▶ Marta: isn't that wandering leaf just amazing! I want one … though our place is a bit crowded all ready


Hvor ser det bare hyggeligt ud:)... jeg havde også den bedste weekend med D og E:) E fik en beundre på kun 3 uger;) det er sejt...

man - the summer in berlin was so naughty, it was not possible to go swimming once. sun on weekdays and rainy weekends made it impossible to find time for a swim. oh, and i miss the beach.

sounds good and well deserved! good thesis writing now :-)

Ocean dips, yummy:)

Beautiful photo of you all swimming, & that table amongst the trees looks lovely too :)

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