Pizza by Ungt Blod
Olga and Elinor by Ungt Blod
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Pizza by Ungt Blod

Nothing special

I will have no real vacation this summer (besides the Tokyo trip, but that is already too long ago) since I am working on my Master thesis all summer.
When you have no vacation it becomes crucial to enjoy all the small wonders and breaks you get:
Like good friends!
And good and beautiful food!

▶ everyone: Ha! so glad to hear I am not the only one! I actually cut a lot of fabric so all I need to do is sew it together!! Can't give up now!


Hey master pizza baker! What do you use for your pizza sauce? Is it homemade or bought? We love Italian Mutti, but wonder if there is something better and still fast and easy.

Hi Mette

I am also working on my master's thesis this summer, and would love to take a little joyful break to make a pizza! Do you follow a recipe?


Har du selv lavet hulen? Hvis ja, DIY? Hvis nej, hvor er den fra? ;-)

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