Home by Ungt Blod
Home by Ungt Blod
Home by Ungt Blod
Home by Ungt Blod
Home by Ungt Blod
Home by Ungt Blod
Home by Ungt Blod


These are the last photos I took of my childhood home and that are gonna make me cry every time I look at them.
Like I told some of my friends, it is like losing a family dog you have had all your life - but you also lived and grew up inside the dog :) It doesn't make much sense, but it is sad

▶ vesle serena: I have been going back and forth on what is best - saying goodbye or keeping the memory of what the home was. It is painful no matter what
▶ SisBerri: Miffy hedder den :)
▶ Silvia: I almost regret not getting more Miffy-things in Tokyo
▶ Loulou: Tak!
▶ Mariela Ramos: You too!


Ohhhhhhhh! It´S Beatiful. Im sorry

looks like a fantastic place to grow up, what a view! for sure no one would like to give that up...

Apart from it being your childhood home, it is also a beautiful one and the surroundings are just magical.

Take care Mette!

wow... it's so beautiful.... must be a very sad feeling. A lovely set of photos for the memory bank

I recently found a bunch of photos of the house I grew up in before my parents sold it. It was like losing a family member. I went to back to see it with the new owners, they let me walk around, I was 8 months pregnant and like crying from room to room. Haha. Sad and hilarious.

oh it's magical! i can see why you are so sad:( hang in there!

Så smukt!

Jeg elsker at din forklaring med hunden kom med på bloggen. Det er så bizart og sørgeligt.

Oh this is such a pretty place, Mette. I can understand that it makes you very sad. I never had a home like this, where I lived for my whole childhood. And my parents leaved the last home where we were living together in the same year when I moved out. Now all of us are living in different places. I guess that's why my hometown is so important for me. Never forget, no one will steal your memories :)

Oh it's very sad when this happens, it happened to me and some of my friends too. It gets easier, I used to never want to go past the house again, but I have now (it looks awful) Memories are the best thing and you'll always have them, I love that they just pop into your head so randomly as well : )

sad and beautiful. the swedish feeling "vemod" is perfect.

Oh, I can definitely understand how sad this is. What a beautiful place! Hugs to you.

hi Mette, I see this post very late, I also am away from home and had not internet until today. This house is soo wonderful, it must have been a special place to grow up in. I guess for your parents too must be painful to leave it. I wish I had such a lovely place, my parents always lived in flats in town and moved many times so I was not attached to any of these. Anyway, your memories will stay with you no matter what.

I tremble for the day when my dad will sell the house where I grew up...

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