smile  by Ungt Blod
smile  by Ungt Blod
smile  by Ungt Blod


One of my favourites from Tokyo is this little fellow. He is a children's rice and soup bowl set but I am gonna use him for coffee!

▶ Vesle serena: I think once you discover 'the good stuff' there is no going back
▶ Anna: Things are definitely getting better in Berlin, but you still have to look up a good cup and know where to go. So many good cafes in Berlin serves bad coffee - but as I said, it is probably the same in Copenhagen
▶ Trixi: Oh no, Coffee Collective is my Good Coffee Guarantee! But I guess even with the best beans in the world you can mess up coffee for a snob ;)
▶ Ida: Ja, det handler jo bare om at få sine stamsteder og så droppe kaffen andre steder
▶ Damaris: Actually I am unsure of the name, but it was in a back street in Shimokitazawa


Well that is just too cute! Can't wait to visit Tokyo myself one day.

hihi! i like the cat in the background too....!

Wow I'm in love with his cute & soft face! So lovely. Do you maybe remember where you got him?


He's adorable! What a lovely find : )

EXTRA LARGE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!Very Delicious!!!!!

C'est trop mignon! I want the same. Morning will be wonderful with a cup like this!

Aww... too cute!!!

He looks so good with coffee!

so cute!!

Love it !!
Where can I find it ??

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