Don't mind the randomness of the photos!

I have been so busy in the past few weeks that photos have been piling up, waiting to be blogged.

In the past 48 hours or so I crossed two important things off my to do list that have been looming for weeks + finished and launched a major project:
I built a new website for maybe the best brewery in the world, Mikkeller.

The design was done in collaboration with the artist and Mikkeller-label designer Keith Shore! Such a cool project to be a part of! Such a relief to have it done too :)

▶ Kira: Det er nærmest første gang at noget jeg har plantet fra frø faktisk vokser. Så er lidt stolt
▶ Linn Maria: I guess I should be happy then that all I have is my window garden! Couldn't stand to see all the fruit be stolen!


Super fedt website - hvor er du god:O)

the webpage is amazing, well done! and everyone at the company seem so nice and cool:) i wish i could come to copenhagen and try the beer, i'm sure i would love it!

I love the responsive concept! Beautiful!

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