Easter eggs

You know what is fantastic? Having sweet sweet friends! who brings your kid an amazing easter egg with home made easter decorations from when they were kids! That is pretty fantastic!

So happy to have such good friends.

I think I need to find gifts for all my friends…….

+ having family who brings bags and bags of handed down clothes for your kid, so you never have to buy a thing! AND it includes these amazing Oshkosh overalls that I had no idea about until this weekend!

…I need to find gifts for my family too….

▶ Everyone: Oh, I am so happy you liked the music and the album! I didn't make the art work, but I did help a bit picking out the colors for the splash LP! So exciting!


Ah, what nice friends you have! And funny enough, my neighbour just handed me down a few bits of clothes for Bertie, and amongst them were those exact overalls (we call them dungarees). They are aged 3, so they’re a bit big at the moment. Elinor looks lovely in hers :)

When I saw the pictures the first thought that popped into my head was: Are these Oshkosh Overalls? I wore them as a child and I think they look so cute!

(BTW, I'm a first-time commenter (I think?!) and long-time blog visitor; I love your photos and little stories, thank you for the inspiration and eye-candy! And Elinor is the cutest! :))

to answer your question: She's THAT cute! hvis bare min unge bliver halvt så sød...

She is so beautiful!, lovely friends you have, great gift. Have a nice day!.

Cute egg, cute kid!

yes very nice! what's inside the little egg?

oh my goodness, ha she looks so proud in her new hand me downs!

Oh, your girl is so cute! And yes, those Oshkosh overalls are so great! I believe in the USA they are something that people really grow up with (all kids have worn them for generations), but I never saw them here in the Netherlands until a few years ago. I've been buying my girl some vintage ones on etsy, so nice and they come in all kinds of colors and prints, and also as dresses... Oh, blablabla... Sorry!


the cutest kid ever to wear oshkosh!!

Ha, jeg købte lige prœcis de overalls til lille O. den anden dag. De er nemlig helt fantastiske! :-)

ohh lovely pictures! :) and my son has exactly the same trousers hahaha

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