It is snowing

I am trying not to be bummed out! I am happy that we got a taste of spring in march, but please return soon, please spring?

▶ Anna Emilia: The snow here is light but it is freezing cold. I want to go back to our easter hide out from the picture where there is a fireplace to heat you up!


jeg dør lidt af cuteness-overdose ved det første billede! Hvordan kan de BEGGE to se så søde ud??

Some great days captured here. And some great colours and happy characters.

Here, autumn is hot like the last of summer so often is... and Easter lolling and feasting is in full swing.

Hihi, vad har din familj i kikaren? De ser så luriga ut. Och gulliga. :)

familjebilden!!! <3<3 perfekt. färgerna! minerna!

i think it's time for a full family photo!! that top one is so cute, it just needs you too. :)

also, rufus glows in the sunlight! such a beautiful dog.

The first one is very cute..
and rufus!!

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