Kazumasa Nagai

I came across Kazumasa Nagai over on Spoon & Tamago some time ago and have had especially the elephant in my mind ever since.

There is something incredibly talented about simple and minimalistic illustrations that carry this much.. soul (in lack of a better word for what I feel when I see them)

All of the illustrations are from posters for CS Design Award am you can see them in full at Spoon & Tamago

▶ Louise: du har ret, det var faktisk virkelig mærkeligt.
▶ S t E f a N i a: I will let you know when it is up!
▶ Mia Frida: I know what you mean! So impressed with things I know I could never even try to do!
▶ Jana: It was a gift from a friend from New York! I got two and they are so perfect!
▶ Máni: No, but I hope she will someday!


Thank you for letting me know when it's up :-)

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