Porcelain experiments by Ungt Blod
Green by Ungt Blod
Porcelain experiments by Ungt Blod


I am experimenting with dots on porcelain!
Very very fun - the occasion for this experiment was the two birthday parties this week as some of the dots were gifts for sweet friends
I also dotted a pair of shoes, but I had forgotten that the shoes were too small...

▶ Gabija: Yes! my friends Sigrid made these individual eggs in cupcake cups with a piece of bacon, thyme and a slice of tomato! such a good idea!
▶ Lisen: the light was lovely - It is gonna be interesting when we have to explain the graveyard to E
▶ Tin.e: Good soundtrack for a walk like that
▶ máni: Thank you so much!
▶ Lise W: Præcis -masser af farve og prikker til alle mulige ting
▶ Catarina: It was beautiful and delicious - the best combo ever!


Skøøøn blog du har - den skiller sig ud og det er super cool!!
Tænkte på, hvilket kamera bruger du?
Hilsen Frederikke

oh wonderful!!! now i too have a burning desire to paint dots on everything i own:D

I see that my Pink Dots Poetry dishes inspired you to do some! Nice :)

Hope you order will arrive soon & safe,
One more time thank you,

the gold edge is a lovely detail. i am eyeing that pink polkadot cup on the left :D

Dots are fun as we can see on your pictures. :)

that looks fun!

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