Food by Ungt Blod
Coffee for two by Ungt Blod
Coffee by Ungt Blod
Food by Ungt Blod

Good stuff

Fill your days with good stuff!

Like mozzarella + cherry tomatoes + basil + good bread + olive oil

Or sharing a cup of coffee with you daughter. D doesn't drink coffee, so I am extremely happy that Elinor sings a little coffee song of happiness when I ask her if she wants some

I don't have to tell you that her's is just milk foam, right?

Being able to sit in the morning and enjoy food and coffee is the biggest luxury - I have to put that on my wish list for the future.

▶ Everyone: I am happy you appreciate confetti too!


You know how to live the good life. This is great. Bon appetit og have a nice day further. :)

gosh! Beautiful pictures!

Jeg må også drikke min kaffe alene, men så tænker jeg på E, det er ikke helt det samme, men det gør kaffen lidt bedre;)

A little sad to see that your coffee making skills are wasted on D.! My husband doesn't drink coffee, either. Haven't tried the kids. I'm getting new ideas now (but the oldest does love sitting in cafes, and for that I'm eternally grateful - he joins me in lobbying ;)

at elinor kan en lille, lykkelig kaffesang og drikker mælkeskum må være det fineste! altså. jeg drikker gerne både kaf' og spiser ristet brød med dig & den rødhårede skønhed. god dag til jer begge!

Funny to know that - I am the only coffee-drinking at home, too. Opening a Coke isn´t that Ceremony, I guess. ;)

(Feeling hungry now!)

Love your coffee photos :)

♥ your mugs, especially Elinor's little face one - my children love joining me for a little babychino while I get my caffeine fix too :)

mhhh...looks very delicious!
all the best,

mm, living the good life :)

Yum, this looks good!

dear mette. i just l o v e your view of life! thank you!

Wow that looks the best plate of food ever! The colours, the ingredients - heaven!

Mmm it looks yummy !! :)

I love your coffee shots. One of the best things in live and one of the best to be photographed :)

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