Ikea pouf remade by Ungt Blod
Ikea pouf remade by Ungt Blod
Ikea pouf remade by Ungt Blod


We had some Ikea stuff move in with us and I have spend some time customizing them.

This is the Kivik foodstool with storage space that I made a new cover for out of a bedspread I made a couple of years ago. Really like how it turned out! It is full of toys and I like that you can just push it around E's room as you please.

▶ Mia Frida: good idea, it has been a while
▶ Irene: Yeah it was a pretty good show, though sometimes I think Jason Schwartzman is a bit much :) (oh, and it is Katies picture) Good luck in september!! I hope it works out with you!
▶ Sewon: There is a lot of good stuff on that list
▶ dasmaedchenmitd.. & Casablock: Katie makes it easy - she has such a good eye!
▶ Lisen: I really hope those demands can come true! must be possible!!
▶ Lykke: you are velkommen ;)


it looks absolutely amazing! good job lady!

wauw. pretty + kreahimmel!

<3 it, great colors!!

OK - Har du tjekket den side der hedder IKEA hackers -- det er jo dig!

You are doing such a great job customizing the things around you. I always try to make the best out of everything I have, but your ideas are really inspiring! Oh, and I am happy to see my blog in your list of favourites, thanks dear Mette!

Hvor er den bare fin! Jeg er imponeret over, hvor god du er til at se muligheder for at "customize" møbler- det er bare så sejt og meget inspirerende!

that is so great! you're so good at sewing.

It looks really really lovely! I like how you turn simple Ikea objects in wonderful things,

Have a nice day, here in Berlin it's all grey & rainy.

Vad fint! Plz make me one too! :D

Respekt Mette. Det ser brand godt ud.
Og så er jeg enig med Helena. Jeg vil også have!!

Love the blanket!

What a good idea, i like it! think about doing the same, but the kids room is too small.

Det ser super godt ud!

Do you have a how to on the triangle quilt??

Hi Sally - Not really. I made a triangle template of cardboard and cut out all the triangles. Then I sewed them together in long rows and finally sewed the rows together in the end.

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