Kiddo as little bee by Ungt Blod
BiBi by Ungt Blod
Kiddo as little bee by Ungt Blod
BiBi by Ungt Blod

A little bee with a little bee

This week kids in Denmark dress up for Fastelavn. I made a bee costume for Elinor. She is still at an age where I can decide what she dress up as and I like that :)

But a bee costume was the obvious choice because ever since Elinor was born - for every single day and night her whole life - she has had a little bee by her side! I made the stuffed bee, called Bibi (you know BeeBee), before she was born and it goes with her everywhere. In the second and the last photograph you see Bibi when Elinor was just a few days old - in the first photo you see her between E's legs. Bibi is a very worn out bee after two years of intens love.

I know it would have been smarter to just have bought a stuffed animal so we could have had a whole arsenal of the same one, just waiting for one to be lost or worn out, but I love Bibi too and we make sure to look out for her. Soon she will be too fragile to go everywhere and she will need to stay in bed all day. I will have to explain to E how it is, when bees get old.

(E is playing with Toca hair salon on my phone -such a cool app)

▶ Lykke: Tak!
▶ Dessa: I don't really mind when the balance tips to chaos either - but D does, so I try my best to keep the balance. Tomorrow I will show you how much the balance has tippet right now: It is pure chaos :)
▶ Sarah: Yep, that would be really good. I often think of the house as a first prototype -want to build new versions of it -build in storage, build in tv, wheels, so you could have storage behind the house! Bookshelves all along the top of the walls --- I need a workshop and a lot of wood!


Bibi is a loved little bee:) My bibi is a little seal, called Nille, she also lives in my bed now, after 30 years... a little secret from my life;)

Åh hold op det er sødt!

What a lovely thing of spring to see middle of snow clouds forecasted for the whole week.

ooh this is too fun! I love how her costume even has a little sting :)!

haha that.sting.is.uberfantastik!!
it all goes so well with her hair :).a one super cute bee :).

ps.i sometimes wonder where do you find time for all you super woman.

This is so sweet! She is just the cutest, hope I'm lucky enough to get a little red panda like that one day. And great sewing job, for both the bees. I always thought that was a striped snake, don't know how I missed the wings!

oh em gee! cute overload! that sting is to cute!

Sikke en sej bi! Var selv bi til fastelavn, da jeg var ca.3 år- elsker stadig at se på billederne fra dengang, det var bare et hit...

Sooooo cute:)))

so cute! :)

Your daughter is one cute bumblebee!

Homemade things mean so much, both when you're little and grownup, the effort, thought and love. Especially in "today's society" when everyone seems to be out of time...

When I was little I stole a plush doggie from a shop (and my parents had to run in and pay for it), and we were inseparable for years. My mum mended Kompis over and over and sew a beautiful 70's overall for him in orange, yellow and white (a big pattern!). I still go a little soft inside, thinking about it...

besides the gorgeous costume and the lovely bibi i really like the blanket on the last picture!
i want to sew me a blanket since half a year now, but there is always something to sew for others or for school... well, now spring is on its way and the need for a blanket isn't that urgent.
have a nice time with your bees,

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