New Stools by Ungt Blod
New Stools by Ungt Blod
New Stools by Ungt Blod
New Stools by Ungt Blod

Color combinations

I have sewn new covers for two Ikea Marius stools. It's look improves so drastically with a little color! The stool is very cheap and I really like the legs.

How to do it: Cut out a round piece of fabric -or two halfs of different fabric if you want - which is approximately 5 cm wider than the seat all the way around. Zigzag an elastic strap on all the way along the edge - stretching the elastic out as much as possible. Place a piece of batting (I just learned that word) on the seat which is cut the same size as the seat and slip the cover on. Done!

▶ Everyone: Rufus thanks all of your for the birthdaywishes! He went for a long - but a bit cold - walk and had a chewing bone and a lot of treats


Cool colours. And I love the elephant pattern! :)

That is crazy easy and finally I have an excuse for buying this chair. It shares a name with my son and for that reason only i've been wanting to buy it!

What a good idea. Sometimes the most simple plans are the best.

Made me smile. What happy elephants.

Cool! Good idea! I love the elephant pattern, but it looks like such an easy way to make something new and more fun.

Also, I would have never admitted or thought this in school, but I'm really liking these math questions to answer below.

Well done Mette, love their colors!

Best simple hack ever, I also have two of those (because they weare cheap and I needed portable tablespace, yes!) and until now couldn´t really decide wether throwing them out or thrwoing them out again. Thanks a lot, Mette.

(I also like those little questions - though I even managed it to fail one time, phew.)

you are the master of colours :) love it and these chairs, they are so handy

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