Ungt Blod Tote Bag
Ungt Blod Tote Bag
Ungt Blod Tote Bag
Ungt Blod Tote Bag
Ungt Blod Tote Bag



First the prizes were not ready - then I left for Berlin - and just now E woke from her nap and delayed the giveaway an hour more :)

BUT! No more waiting! Four talented readers are gonna win an exclusive, one of a kind, limited edition, half-hand printet

Ungt Blod Tote Bag!

so, without further ado, The winners by random lucky pick are:





Please send me an email with your address!

AND thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL of you for all the amazing inspiration you posted!


Are you going to sell your tote? I am a bit obsessed by that kind of bags (as you know).

FINT! <3

yupiiiieh!! that is such a great surprise, thank you mette! the totes look super. i'm sending you an email with my address stat.

Can non-winners buy your bags too? They are the best!

I'm so excited! I just dm-ed you my address on twitter. Thank you, thank you.

waaaaw! so nice!! did I miss this?? Congrats to the lucky winners!!

Beautiful totes!!!

Hi, i really really ....want this tote !!!!!! Can you send to Tokyo JP ?? ;)))

Oh my goodness, these are so colorful! Are they for sale? :P

Congratulations to the lucky winners. :)

I like I like I like!
I want one too! :)

I can't believe I missed this!! they are perfect!!!

Ok. You have to sell these totes. We all clearly want one!

Just love it! Your logo really makes the difference, very stylish.
A pity i haven't discovered your blog before :)

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