Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod
Pizza by Ungt Blod

Pizza Pizza Pizza

I make pizza almost every week and like most things I do, I go a little over board and spend a lot of time perfecting my method and recipe.
A long time ago I posted a pizza-how to on the blog - so long a go that It has not yet been moved to the new blog ( the archive here only goes back a little over a year, but I plan to move the rest along the way)

So now it is time for an update to the recipe! A lot of the glory should go to my brother in law who is the real gourmet. But here we go! First, all the ingrediens. This is for something like 7 pizzas - and all measurements are approximate:

1 kg flour -can be Tipo 0 or Tipi 00 or regular wheat with 12% protein. You need at least 10,5% protein

25g yeast

5 tbl spoon olive oil or -a new tip from my brother in law - lard!

28 grams of salt

2 tbl spoons of sugar

500 ml of water - or what ever makes the dough feel right :)

Okay so that is all the stuff you need for the dough. Now this is what you do:

Mix yeast, water and sugar and let it sit for awhile

add in the salt and the oil

start mixing in the flour and then it is time to do some serious kneading!

knead the dough for at least 15 minutes! I often go on for 25-30 minutes

The you leave the dough and an hour before you start making the pizza you split the dough in portions of approximately 230grams and put them in the fridge

Okay, so that is the dough! Sounds a bit complicated but really its not too bad -and I often make this portion and then use it over two days. Now for some tips for the rest of the pizza:

Turn the oven to its maximum. 300 degrees celcius is good but mine only goes to 275

Don't put it on circulation heat but just top and bottom heat.

if you have a pizza stone, which I do and love, place it in the bottom of the oven -right on metal

Roll the dough out in durum flour

place a baking sheet on a cutting board and place the rolled out dough in it

ad a thin layer of tomato -I usually just use pureed tomatoes (or blended canned tomatoes)

add fresh mozzarella and what ever toping you like - Go crazy!

I love dried oregano on my pizzas

slide the pizza on to either to pizza stone or simply in the bottom of the oven so it gets the bottom-heat directly!

hold on to the baking sheet and let the pizza slide off -or if it is too difficult slide in the pizza and the baking sheet and after 3-4 minutes remove the baking sheet (so it does not burn from the heat!)

And there you have it! after only a few minutes a crisp and delicious pizza is ready! When you are full you can save the rest og the dough in the fridge for a couple of days. Enjoy!

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årh så vi skal have pizza i dag? Ja tak

Tak for fin, fin guide! Plejer at bruge en opskrift fra et gammelt Euroman, men nu skal jeg prøve din næste gang i stedet for!

I think taht you make the best pizzas!

Wow, very nice documentation of making your pizza. Thank you for the receipe and the great photos.
Have a nice weekend further.

Lœkker lœkker! Min sidste pizza var med porre, parmesan og mozzarella. Mmmm!

Yummy! It looks delicious, thanks for sharing your recipe!

Hi there, looking forward to trying this out. Questions: for how long do you leave the dough to rise in before you put it in the fridge? You don't use a machine to knead it? Ok thanks!-D

I'm sooo trying this tonight!

Thank you for sharing the recipe.

saved your recipe under "pizza ungt blod". That says enough, your pizzas always look the best. When i get settled - for real - i'll get myself a pizza stone, because my lousy oven won't be able to make them look as delicious as yours are.

Lately we thought about making pizza and I remembered you having posted some recipe long time ago... it was great to see you posted it again, since I had really no idea how to find the old post ;)
tried once and approved! doing it again tonight :)

Trying making your pizza tonight!!! Thank you! :)

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