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My days are split

Every day here in January is a constant battle between wanting to spend all day with colorful breakfasts and good coffee and having to study for my last exam this semester.

Being able to sit for a long time browsing blogs and eating breakfast is one of my favorite luxuries of everyday life and I will go a long way to achieve it. Like sitting up really late trying to get a hold on the school stuff..

The always inspiring Dos Family is having a tour of people's everyday life - Submit a photo of yourself in an everyday situation - you can even win something!

▶ Stefanie: Thank you so much!
▶ Tina: Hurra for omveje!
▶ Kasia: You can still visit the old one - I will miss it too in some ways, but I hope you will end up here too!


Bonjour Mette!
I said i liked your ancient blog design, but i must admit i *love* this new one!
Congratulations for such a beautiful work...
I've been wanting to freshen up mine for so long, fowh, you litteraly make me ache for it now. THANK YOU***

wow! your new layout is beautiful! amazing job!

hey! 1st comment at the new fantastic blog! have a really nice weekend!

wow I love this new lay out!!

hold nu op, hvor er her P Æ N T herinde. du er topdygtig og krea, når det er allerbedst. der skulle lige et par forsøg til, før jeg kom herind - men det var bestemt det hele værd, og jeg har husket at ændre dit link:)

Such a pretty new "blog home" you made:O) - I'm baffled that you've managed to redesign (and probably program) a whole new website on top of being a mom, having a dog, working and enrolled in uni!

Mette du er for sej! Det er meget meget fint.

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