Hello Sandwich at Ungt Blod
Park and Cube at Ungt Blod
Weekday Carnival at Ungt Blod

Thank you

Yesterday was such a blast! Thank you for all your SWEET comments here and on Twitter!

It is so much fun to hear and see all your inspiration! Keep them coming!! I find so much inspiration in all the blogs that I read and as you can see in my huge blog roll - I read A LOT of blogs! You are very welcome to browse through them all - they are all blogs that I read regularly and find inspiration in, but I though I would get in the habit of featuring some of them once in a while to show you where my inspiration comes from. In the 'I like' section of the footer you can always find a selection of blogs that are special to me - and here are three more:

Hello Sandwich

Ebony is one of the most creative AND sweetest people on the internet!

Park & Cube

I go to Park & Cube for beautiful fashion - but even more important to me - for beautiful photography!

Weekday Carnival

Weekday Carnival makes you want to go MAKE something! lots of good DIY ideas and fantastic interiors!

The photos in this post is by all of these talented people and you should all go get inspired by them right now!

▶ Everyone: I can't say it enough: THANK YOU! The way you have reacted to this site means so much to me! To answer a few questions I designed and built it all myself. It is made with the CMS Drupal which is the platform we like to use at Youngest as well. Please let me know if you have any questions -and thank you to those of you who helped me find bugs : ) And if you need any help with web design, development or communication - Youngest is available for hire!


Oh my, METTE!! The new design is AMAZING!!! :) congrats & well done!

Hej Mette

Nogle gange er det en omvej der skal til: jeg har lige fundet dig via DosFamily, og det er jeg superglad for. Din blog er super inspirerende, så jeg glæder mig til at følge med. Og hvor får jeg dog lyst til at komme ud af blogger-standard-layoutet. Tak for inspirationen :-)

Glædelig weekend og kh fra tina

I love it, but I already miss the "old" one :)

I really love your new blog-layout and graphics: you did an amazing job!

This new design and layout is amazing! Pure love! x

such a joyous and clever design. magnificent work!

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