Welcome to the new Ungt Blod
Welcome to the new Ungt Blod
Welcome to the new Ungt Blod
Welcome to the new Ungt Blod
Welcome to the new Ungt Blod


to my new website! Almost a year ago I started thinking it was time for some change on the blog. I have now been at the same design for three and a half years and it was time to move to something more 'me'. It takes time to build a new home from scratch and I am pretty sure this new home will be more of a playground with changes along the way.

I so hope you all like it and will visit me here from now on!

So just a couple of notes on the design: At the top you will find my new header and the main menu in one - look around to see projects and links and categories and more. Three of the menu links will follow you down the site: The triangle will take you to the front page, the square will give you my full blog roll and the circle will let you browse by categories.

In the left corner you find links to more goodies -including the RSS-feed in the red circle - at the bottom of the page there is a footer with some things and blogs i like, the top categories, the archive and contact information ect.

Please remember to update your links and RSS subscriptions (copy the link into you favourite reader) - and I am very sorry, but the blog will not look pretty if you use older versions of Internet Explorer. IE8 and older is just really hard to work with and I know that only a very small percentage of You use them -So please update if you can or get a browser like Chrome or Firefox where everything will look good :)

▶ Lotte: That is my favorite too!
▶ SpdZ: I just love their use of color
▶ Charlotte, Anknel and Burblets: I hope you like it here too!
▶ I'm Polly: Thank you so much! I hope you will keep following here!


oh, i love it!

Wow! It's so amazing! I love the colors, shapes, and unique design.

yeah mette!!!
i've been working like a fool tonight so i thought of scrolling down some of my favourite blogs before i go to sleep.
aaaand what do i find???
this is mega galactic ÜBER fantastic blog you're having now!
oh how great,i love it!!
zing.what a surprise!

WONDERFUL ! You did a great job ! Congratulations !


Happy to drink my morning tea here in the new wonderful colors and forms. It looks very pretty.

Have a good Thursday!

Wauw, hvor er det lækkert! Tillykke med det nye hjem :)

YEH! I love your new design :)

I've been reading your blog for many many years, but never commented even once. But today: OMG the blog looks so good! I used to do some web code myself and I am really really impressed. You are very talented! I hope you keep posting because I love your photos and reading about your family, food and life. Love from Malmö!

Hvor er det bare fint Mette! I like I like I like :)

lovelovelove the new design! and header! ;)
super nice!

Gratulerer med ultracool side. I like it a lot! Du drar blogging opp på et helt nnet nivå med denne layouten. Inspirerende.

wow, great job (really hard work)! congratulations mette!

good job, mette!! i love it! sunny greetings from melbourne :)

you are the best! coolest blog around. x

bravo mette. looks great.

holy shit, that's the best design ever.

I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
4 years!! And still so interesting ! Gratulerer med dagen & med det nye designet! xxx

congrats on the new blog! i've been following from copenhagen for a few years now, because I find your quirky aesthetic and the unexpected angles you employ in photography insanely inspiring. i look forward to following the blog in its new home. the new design suits the blog like a glove!

<3 i love it <3 making the future!

WOW!! This is some kind of groundbreaking stuff, total eye candy. So super impressed, you have done a wonderful job :)!

hold nu op hvor er den nye side bare SKIDE fin! (pardon mit sprog!)

it is just perfect, Mette! amazing job!

This is fantastic...congrats! Did you code the whole thing too? It's so amazing!

f a n t a s t i s k t Mette!

Mette, this new site is wickedywickedywhack! I love what you’ve done here. Good work lady :) x

Kaere Mette! Hvor er det vildt! Du er fantastisk dygtig til det du laver! Det er et fuldkommen gennemført design!

(Vil dog lige sige at de første links under kolonen ikke virker, den linker ikke rigtigt.. eller i hvert fald ikke igennem chrome :) )


Haven't visited in awhile and was blown away to find this. Looks amazing. You are a true original.

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