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Home by Ungt Blod

Some less photographed corners of our apartment - the sunglass set up is new - found the only pretty nails at the hardware store!

And the glow in the dark skeleton is a great scoop from the supermarked last year

▶ Madeleine: The wall takes on a life of its own
▶ Saga: ha ha -I guess its one of those universal human nature thing -seeing hats in the strangest places! 
▶ Elaina: We gave her the sweater for her birthday
▶ Irene: Glad you are still here
▶ Jodi: I have more to show :9
▶ Lina: Being two is a pretty adorable thing
▶ Camille: Yeah me to -its from Mini Rodini -my favorite childrens brand
▶ Jayne: Thank you! Sometimes I think I am not gonna make it -but I will, Just see a lot of all-nighters in the near future
▶ Anna: Thank you!


Digger dine collager!!

oh the Stilleben tote! i randomly passed by that store when i was in Copenhagen and fell in love with it imeadiately! what a great store!

the sunglasses on nails is such a fab idea, they drive me crazy rattling around in my cupboard - love it!

Den første kommentar fra min nye mac:) THANK YOU.... :) Glæder mig til at se jer i julen, og forhåbentligt snart til at besøge jer så snart det bliver 2012:) Elsker mit nye job, så igen THANK YOU Mette fra hjælpen med ansøgningen, det gav lige det sidste;)

Your appartment is so beautiful! So many nice things and so little space - I love it :)

love your place! till och med i datorskärmen speglas något fint och grafiskt! :) vad är det för figurer? great colours, and the photos of Elinor

Such nice little nooks in your apartment. I love the sunglasses wall with the tote bag.

Such nice little nooks in your apartment. I love the sunglasses wall with the tote bag.

You have such a FUN apartment, I really love it. Looks just like you! A great inspiration to make my apartment not to look like yours but to look like ME :) Is your husband on the same wavelenght about the interiors?

Your place looks amazing: thanks for the corner view!

p.s.: it must be a good and special feeling, to live in such a creative place.:)

Tak for linket til din inkstagram for, mens du var borte - dejligt at have dig tilbage!
Jeg tænkte på, om du har en strikkeopskrift til de røde grydelapper - eller bare hvad garntypen hedder? :)

oh, what nice corners! and what a cool idea.;)) like them!! it looks like so, so, so creative and interesting! - i really, really am impressed by people and there special ideas, again, again and again..

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