Kiddo by Ungt Blod
Baking by Ungt Blod
Wall by Ungt Blod

Well looks like I am online again! and was able to upload photos for the first time in a month!

aahh -I missed you all so much (My unread count in google reader is crazy high). Time to get back to internetlife! I am very very busy with exams as always this time of year, but I am so hoping I can finally finish the fabled blog redesign!


Good to have you back :) and all the best with your exam study!

Glad you are back :)

yay! äntligen. jag har saknat dig och dina fina bilder.

alltså den väggen ni har i köket är imponerande! snyggare än alla fondtapeter i världen.

Totally heart your wall with all e photos!! Envy!! :)

Ooh, yaay! Welcome back Mette :)!

welcome back! missed you here! sweet clasp! nice light!

looking forward to everything! i am in love with the photos.

Herlige bilder! Godt at du er tilbake på nett ;)

Välkommen! Jag har saknat dig och din blogg :)

Velkommen tilbake! :)

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