Malmö by Ungt Blod
Ice Creme by Ungt Blod
Malmö by Ungt Blod

We have been celebrating D's birthday since thursday

-with first a classic birthday where the birthday boy gets to decide everything we do and everything we eat -I made homemade bearnaise for the very first time! + it was a success! I'm very proud. Then we went to Malmö just the two of us this weekend and finally we had family over sunday! Can you believe that wednesday is E's birthday and we will be having birthday guests over next weekend? October/november is a crazy time. This is a few snapshots from the past days -I will try to bring you more, but our internet is out, so nothing is certain


Uuuh the Japan Bag! I am using it every single day!

love this! så mycket höst! cool photo wit h D hihi, eating something at a graveyard..?

yeeeeeee!!! that picture of dennis is so sweet! don't know if i dare to show it to johan, he might come and kidnap him ;)

Og vi havde også en fantastisk dag hjemme i det hyggelige hjem:) Tak for dejlig weekend, i er søde-Fantastiske:) Rigtig god dag til lille E på onsdag, miss her...

So much birthday and so much good things in such a short time!
Happy birthday to him and best wishes to you all.

I love this "everything we do and eat", two days before my birthday I always get excited about it "Humm what do eat, where?!"

I wish you a nice monday,

PS: My boy friend would have love this pullover, we often call us "Monsieur et Madame Renard"

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