Minimarket shoes by Ungt Blod
Minimarket shoes by Ungt Blod
Minimarket shoes by Ungt Blod

I recognize I might have a problem: I might be a bit obsessed with Minimarket...

I found the pastels on sale in Berlin this summer -actually all the shoes have been half price so I guess that makes my addiction a little bit better. What can you do when you feel like a designer makes shoes just for you?

▶ Bantik: I can't wait to show you!
▶ Tambourine Sam: Du ved når man er DDK'er så kan man jo ikke blive hængende hos Blogger for evigt :)
▶ Johanna Tagada: I like the way the blog looks now too, but its time for something new!
▶ KERRY: It's gonna be so exciting to hear what you all think! I sure hope ou like it!
▶ Emma: meget!
▶ Irene: Oh I hope you will like it!
▶ Sewon: I like the way it looks too, but it has looked the same for three years now so its time for something new!
▶ Bonjour Juliette: I sure hope I can live up to it


What great shoes! And a great blog, it's so beautiful, refreshing and bold - I love it!

wow, i love those!

Uh! I L O V E them. Mette! Where can I get some of these? Sucks seeing all this cool European stuff, they probably don't ship to the US? Good for you though! :)

Nope, I see no problem there. More! Please. Go on, indulge.

Wahou, what a nice collection you have! The pastel pair is my favorite, they are simply perfect ♥. When I saw Minimarket shoes in stores that I liked them, they never had my size, just bigger ones. Well that's maybe better for my traveling savings! You are really lucky to have found all of those on sale! xxx

they are so you and so super cute. perfect colour combinations! Love Love Sandwich xoxo

heavenly feet these would make!! nice 1/2 price finds.

those yellow and black ones are pretty much my dream shoes- WISH I COULD FIND THEM NOW!

Puuuuurrrdy suede! I haven't visited in a couple of months and it seems little E has shot up! She's looking lovely as ever :)

the blue pair with zippy zips are AWESOME!

Oh hello perfect shoes.

These are stunning. So good. And you've got them at half price? Very well done.

Precis så känner jag ofta. Speciellt när jag strosar förbi en riktigt liiiten och exklusiiiv butik med dyyyra grejer. Nu handlar jag nästan bara secobd hand. Även fiiina kläder tröttnar andra på ibland. Tur för mig. Tack för en underbar blogg!

Fantastic shoes!!!

So awesome that the colors of your shoes perfectly match the palette of your blog! That's consistent;O)

Those shoes are delicious! I wish we could get them in the UK :)

Love your "ungt blod" ! And these shoes are so wonderful!

oh man, i tossed up over the pastels for so long and ended up letting them go. but they are the best! jealous!

Det lyder bekendt. Jeg er sikker på, at Ganni laver hele deres kollektion efter mit hoved.

Jag förstår ditt beroende, de är superfina!! Gillar Balls-bilden där i bakgrunden också!


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