The house
The house
The house

Here it is - My big summer project.

We live in a rather small apartment -just over 55m2- a livingroom, a bedroom and a kitchen. And so far we have shared our bedroom with Elinor. When it became time to find a new arrangement I didn't want to just move our bed into the livingroom or get a sofa bed. Instead I got to try out an idea I have had for a long time: A house within a house! This is now our bedroom and I'm so happy how it turned out. I had for a long time been annoyed with how our living room was working and even if it sounds crazy, this huge house have done wonders for our livingroom - I will show you more pictures soon!

▶ Everyone: I know, that last picture of the three of us is pretty good :) - I'm a little under the weather because of my crazy week and the sudden fall temperatures, but from next week my schedule is gonna be so much better (Oh and when I call it a 'crazy' week' its how most peoples schedule look all the time, but im not that good at being too busy)


soooo cool! i'm working on a similar concept for client, but the house in house is a playhouse for the little boy. love it really much! congratulations!

Very inspiring! I love it and want to build a house in our apartment as well! Hooray!

ooh la la Mette! That´s clever and super stylish.

Hvor cool! Altid spændende med kreative løsninger i små boliger :)

what a brillant idea ! Is the home for you or for Elinor ? It gives me the want to do something like that in the house we rent as we can't break a wall to change things .I can't wait to see more pics ! Oh, and i love the hat light

Wonderful! And even more because you did it by yourself. I´m looking forward to see more pictures.I wish you a nice thursday.

what a cool idea! it looks so cosy..

fantastiskt!! jättefin och rolig ide! :)

mette, this is wonderful! bravo to you, what a cosy place to sleep. it reminds me of the swedish atist carl larsson who had wonderful cupboard beds in his house :)

Uh, du har de lænestole, jeg gerne vil have.

AMAZING Mette! So cosy! I wondered if you might be doing something along these lines, but this is better than imagined! I need one (come and make me one??) We have the same set up in our place. Bertie shares with us as not enough bedrooms. Have also thought about a sofa bed, which is probably what we’ll end up with as we don’t have room for a little house. Wish we did. Well done :)

this is awesome! i love yer crazy brain! ;D braveheart!

Det er simpelthen genialt, vi burde klart overveje noget lign.!! Tak for super inspiration :)

The idea,"a house within a house" is so inspiring and lovely. I really like it!!!

this is the coolest house in house ever!i like the black lining soooo much!

This is amazing! We live in an even tinier place and I'd love to have something like this in here. Great work!

Hvor er det fedt. Er spændt på at se mere og ikke mindst til at se hvordan Elinors værelse bliver!

Det er virkelig en fin idé - jeg er vild med det!!! Hvis alle taenkte sådan ville der åbne sig en hel verden af muligheder ;-)

Du er så kul! Og det der anker-teppet. Det kommer jeg aldri til å slå helt fra meg... Begynner å bli en stund siden du fikk det! KOs dere i huset i huset!

I'm speechless in a veeery good way! WOW

Det här är så vansinnigt fint att jag inte vet var jag ska ta vägen! Som att bo i en koja. Blir extremt sugen på att bygga mig ett eget litet hus-i-hus. Heja er!

a playhouse for adults. wonderful!

Wow! This is amazing, inspiring and so much fun!

I like it very much. What material you used for the "walls"

This is the best. I can't believe it!! Great work.

How wonderful idea!!! We too live in a very small apartment in Helsinki (about 50 m2 five of us) and I love to see creative living in small places.

Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super-hiper-cool :)

ÄLSKART!! skulle behöva ett liknande hus till vårt sovrum (numera också vardagsrum) som är alldeles ljust och med för mkt insyn. LOVLEY!! Handy U 2!

det er jo g e n i a l t!! så nice

Great Mette! Show us more pictures!! ;)

Herregud vad fint och fantastiskt!

What a clever and fun solution!

Wonderful idea!


Soooo Cool! You did an awesome job! What is the blanket? I love it.

Brilliant!! J'adore! ♥‿♥

Hvor er det sejt, total god idé! Og så er jeg vild med bowlerhattelampen...

great!also, that hat lamp is amazing!

I think it's fantastic that you are coming up with creative ways of living in a small space. People in Australia complaining how small their 3 bedroom houses are should read this blog!!

That's awesome!!

cool project!

SO cool! And where did you get that lamp I love it !

Love it!!!

Sikke en fantastisk idé! Bor selv på 40 m2, kunne være man skulle lave noget lignende. Kunne være fint også med et lille vindue i huset, man kan købe gamle ude hos genbyg. Mvh Sofie

superb idea mette!!


dear mette, really cool project. I am an architect and see so many cool interior designs and your house-in-house is just among my favourites now . thanks for sharing. I have the same room-problem and dream of such an alkoven (german) since long. this motivates me. great work. ola

You are so clever. it's so beautiful. xoxo

What a wonderful idea! love it!

that is delightful. I'm reblogging that!

I love the huse idea, it´s great!

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