Weather by Ungt Blod
Weather by Ungt Blod

Just a little weather post for you to day.

Im in the middle of the longest school day ever known to man. Every wednesday 8.00 - 21.00. Yep.


Det lyder da helt umenneskeligt. Jeg håber, der i det mindste er noget spændende på skemaet ;)

Oh no, that is way too long! Your head isn't built to be concentrated for such a period... Good luck!

oh my god, that's impossible! i've had terrible schedules like this too, i hope there's at least one long break in between to disconnect. for me the most important thing to get through days like this always is to have enough food in my bag :)

ever known to man... or ninja. bloody ell.those shots are fantabulous, though.

Sikke en sej blog du har! (-://

Det lyder da voldsomt ubehageligt! Tror jeg ville lave en kæmpe madpakke+slik og så satse på, der var en kaffe-automat i nærheden...

Oh my, what a beautiful beautiful sky!


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