Our old bird feeder broke. It fell down and shattered and gone was Kristian, as we called the bird who came by to eat several times a day.

But. We had another kind of bird feeder just waiting for this day and this one seems to attracting different kinds of birds for the old one. I'm actually liking this one better. The birds are very camera shy but I managed to capture a few shots before they flew away. Also: look how good my herbs are looking! I never used to be able to grow anything and these have survived for over a month now!

▶ Everyone: Ahhh how good to know that my readers can appreciate my new found friend! She is 21.5 inches and 8gb ram and a lot of fun to be around!


Lovley pictures!!

waw! so beautiful these photos!!!! and you're lucky to have these birds around, so nice!

these photos are awesome! i love how you caught the birds in action!

Hade ni en plastbubbla? Jag gillar verkligen dom här regniga fågelbilderna.

Wow! These photos are lovely :-)What brand/model camera and lens do you use ??Have a nice day! xx

Beautiful, poetic pictures, almost like snow, but it`s rain.

Mmm beautiful raindrops and birds. I wish my husband wasn't terrified of birds...

fab pics indeed.I was considering getting one of those feeders but was afraid of the potential fall-and-smash-on-the-street-killing-someone-effect. oh well... ;)

Where did you get your feeder? I'd love to have some birds around and this one might work on my funny slanted windows!

oh i recently bought that same round birdfeeder as you had! haven't put it up yet though. good that you found a new one!

congratulations for your little aromatic garden!

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