E favorite thing to play with is her books.

Not too interested in the content - unless she sees a lion - but she can spend a lot of time just flipping pages. Im gonna show you some good books in the next days.

In other news i have now turned in all my written exams + come down with annoying cold = YAY & buuuhhh... (+ i have two more exams in about a month so i really should start studying)

Ola + Saarah : The Scull Cave is from the swedish company Our Children's Gorilla, but i don't think they make it anymore :(
Anja: He is a regular cutie pie
▶ nsm: I believe you wrote something like: How cute is your dog - if im right about that: Thank you!
Emily: I know -how cool would it be with a cave for everyone in the family
▶ Whitney: I know, kids and dogs have it down
Emma: I know! share my grief


So, so sweet and the blue crate is great :) Where from please? Me want...

your blog is my favorite blog.. you have the ultimate good taste.

perfect! it's so good that she is surrounded by books. you know what? i LOVE the dog-head-house! did you make it yourself?

Cute striped red hair girly girl! She looks really busy and she is growing so fast!

Indians, stripes, the girl looks good in everything. I just realized why toddlers are so funny- their arms and legs are the same size! Chubby arms and skinny legs from all that running around. I'm looking forward to seeing the books you like, we have the Moomin counting book too!

hihihi, I love these little cave-people, hihi! they should have a fire too, like this one; could read all her books for R by the fire then..!

So cute with all the books !I posted the comment for the gift some when around christmas.I send you a lot of magic powers for you comming

love the cave!! i want one for myself...

adorable! your blog is so cute!

Your world is so colorful, and beautiful. Always :)

Hehe, so E's a big Lion fan now is she? Super cute :) I've got exams coming up too, so at least we're not alone on this one :) Stay positive & good luck Mette!!

Three cheers for double stripes and lion sightings!(Feel better soon... and good luck too.)

Det er tidligt hun vælger fag som sin far:) Glæder mig HELT vildt meget til at passe hende i sommerferien, så skal der faster hygges, og pædagogges bliver der nok også lidt, med sange og sjove danse, som vi begge kender det fra vuggestuen;)

varför ser barnkläder så mycket skönare ut än vuxenkläder? eller är det barns kroppar som ser behagligare ut att ha som kropp. åh, man var bättre i sin barnversion av sej själv. :) kul med böcker som leksak, roligt att bläddra ju!PS. gratttttis igen till the exams!

Fantastic cave for the little mann!

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