how many times a day do you think i envy Rufus and his doggy life?


▶ Malin: I know -but its such a boring wish!
Flora: Thank you! The one im writing now is killing me! can't wait till its done!
▶ Emma: Jeg siger hele tiden til mig selv: bare nyd det, stå og dagdrøm, slap af! men det er egentlig ikke opvasken der er værst -det er det, at man aldrig har tid til det og der derfor er alt for meget af den!
Sofie: When you are done, stop by here pleas!
▶ Malene: Ja, jeg elsker også når man kan se at andre bloggere også roder!
Sofie: Thanks! i was just about to take it down the other day, but then i saw the photo of it and started liking it again
▶ Gardener Soap: The problem is that im always doing 20 things at once, so it becomes difficult to stay on top of the dishes
Natasha: "Byproduct of having a life" - Love that - The plant is some sort of succulent -i don't know its name and im about to throw it out ... maybe.. maybe i will keep it


My dog has spent the entire day in front of the fire, and then she got dinner served to her. Jealous!

ohhh rufus. sleep - play - eat. sounds perfect!

Hello!O, I envy my dog almost every day. No stress at all.No, it';s not true: she is "worried" all the time, if there will be another cookie to eat, and then another and so on! :)Cute Rufus! :)

He's a lovely little fella! If you need someone to take care of him during a weekend or so, I would be more than happy to do it!

oh yes! when i have a lot of work to do i would love to hang around in a cave all day, too.

Hi:) LOVE your dog:) Where did you get the great doggy house from? Thank you for a great blog. Karen-Marie:)

I wish I had my own skull cave I could crawl into when I need a nap or quiet moment. They should make them slightly bigger...I love the second picture, Rufus looks like he's trying to find a book.

Hi, where can i buy such a beautiful kennel? Really nice blog ;)

oh that´s so cool! i need to get one for my cats.where´s that from?

I love your dog!!:)

Qué lindo es tú perro,es adorable!

Hi Rufus! Want to swap houses? Your little house is flipping awesome! x

i feel the same way about my cat. sometimes even about tayvee! (will someone please bring me food all the time?) :)

how many of us readeras do feel the same, from now on? ....many! :)

Where did you get that dog house? It's adorable!

geat! I love the doggy house! I have a new little Frenchy Bulldog call Ava Gardner and i love this funny house. Do you know where can I buy one similar like this?Tanxxx! And have a great day! (i love your blog!)****

rufus is lovely!

rufus is cool. and so is his doghouse.

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