I handed in one exam paper today -have two papers due next week so not a lot of free time.

Just enough to post these two week old photos from a visit at my parents place. Dreaming.. You know what the first photo is? Home made raspberry and mango sorbet topped off with blended berries and creme. You know what that is? Bliss!

Everyone: i have been stuck in front of the computer even more than usually; writing a paper on identification, community and motivation in the blogosphere and at the same time following the debate over at sweet Sandras blog. I felt like writing a whole thing about it, but the problem is, that its only a couple of anonymous people making me and so many others angry and i guess its really not worth it. Sandra wrote a nice post that totally captures my main point: blogs = free! As in the blogger is free and the readers are free. None of them are bound by any obligations. And free is precious. So be free - and play nice - and maybe buy your favourite blogger coffee.
(i have updated the little caption above the comment form - i don't want to disable anonymous comments because you cut off a lot of non techy people that way, but I really don't have any time for nasty anonymous comments so those will be deleted)
Oh and im so sorry for those who's comments got lost in the Blogger-downtime last week! I have been using Blogger for over three years and its the first real downtime i have experienced, so I forgive them this one time


Mette, congratulations on handing in one of the papers! the sorbet looks absolutely amazing, i'm loving it! the photo, i mean. from now on, i'm deleting ALL hateful and anonymous comments. i just have to make a decision whether to keep them or not on that particular post... the world is ugly enough as it is, nice blogs are so needed!schlaf gut :)

oh and exactly what you say - this is why i haven't taken away the risk of receiving anonymous comments, my mum and other unregistered people wouldn't be able to comment and that would be a shame. everyone must have the same chance.

jeg elsker billeder med skyggen! waw. inspiration.

hi mette! i didn't realize that you were writing a paper about the blogosphere! i am currently in grad school in california, usa, for sociology & i am about to chose a topic to write my thesis on. i think i am going to be writing on how people present themselves on blogs & your paper's topic sounds really interesting! i know you are very very busy right now, but in a few weeks (or maybe a month!) i would like to email you to know more about your paper (if you don't mind!). i love the interconnectiveness (is that a word??) that people have through the blogosphere & i think you may be a good source of information! thanks mette & good luck with the endings of school! : )

Hello, i just found your blog and i love the feel of it, very happy with all the colours.

I feel free to LOVE this. Go Mette! (And Sandra!)(one sorbet for you all, E + M + D and Rufus?) :)

i really like the first picture!!

I like the photo with the lamp! and I ilke your blog very much!

wonderful photos.

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