Don't you just love people?

I do! this weekend a package came all the from Norway with a gift for Elinor! just because! Inside was the coolest 70s t-shirt with little indians! I think its just perfect -and such a perfect color combo for Elinor as well. Thank you thank you thank you Siri!

▶ Everyone: Im still so busy with exams that i hardly have time to read any blogs! thank you for staying around and for commenting! summer will come at some point when these four exams are over!


What a cutie ! she doesn't look like a baby anymore ^^

Så stor Elinor har blivit! Hon kan vara ett av de allra gulligaste barnen jag vet :) Och vilken finfin tröja. Lycka till med skolan!

Hun er bare så dejlig. Mormor

Too cute!!!

Such a pretty baby. I have never before seen a kid with copper red hair and brown eyes. She´ll become one heartbraker. Watch out boys.T from Finland

Jamen altså, hun er så kær!

ÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ VAD FIN! Både tröjan och tröjans innehåll! :)))Så. HIMLA. SÖT!Fin bild på Rufus och E också, han verkar nyfiken han med :D

oh man she's so sweet hahah look at that teeth :)

I agree, these colours are perfect for her! She is so cute! I love her red hair... Good luck with all your work!

I never really leave any comments here but your girl is just getting prettier and prettier!kram!

Wow, vilken cool skjorta!

Oh good! I'm very pleased not only that you like the shirt, but that it actually arrived and didn't get sent to a far away place- like Sweden ;) And I was right! Elinor looks killer in her new tee. What a gorgeous kid in that bright green! I hope it gets lots of use this summer.

gode farver :)

Åha, det røde hår! Hold op, hvor er hun dog sød.

oh she looks super duper cute!! lovely t-shirt:) the colours suits her.

elinor is looking so much older!! she is adorable : )good luck on your exams! believe me i know how stressful it can be! i am just finishing up my first year of graduate school & have one more paper to write.

Heeey, my friend just came back from Denmark, and she forgot to deliver your gift :( i´m so sad. The papel picado I sent you with her is so beautiful! It´s a special edition from valentines day, but super cute, not cheese. I bought on my last trip to Oaxaca. :( anyway...

she looks very pretty

wow what a beautiful present! your child looks so happy!

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