One very hot and sunny april day we went to the zoo with Elinors grandmother and saw...

A whole bunch of very sleepy animals! it was a really fun day and made for some interesting pictures with all the sleeping animals -like the hippo sleeping under water! only disappointment: The giant anteater was sleeping somewhere out of sight. Have been dreaming of anteaters ever since i saw this


hahah :)zzzzzzzi could easily join in!

i'm feeling conflicted-this is hilarious, but i feel bad for all of those bored animals.

The anteater is Always out of sight. I have never seen it at the zoo in copenhagen. And have had a year pass for 3 years. Granted it has a pretty boring enclosure, maybe the reason it never comes out, or it has some kind of social phobia, or a greater anteater conspiracy....??

lovely post, makes me smile a big smile! and now off to bed...

Those anteater babys are soo cute. ;Fun pictures with all those sleepy animals... I wish I could stop working and go and lie in the sun..

hah! det er da det sødeste. Er særlig vild med den lille, sovende abe. Herligt!

poor animals obviously have depressionare not in their natural environmentcan not run or move as usuallywhat a shame!

So cuteee!!!

Man that is one cool photo series! I'd sell it to Getty or AP;O)

This is lovely! Very dreamy...

hahaha, hvor er de fine! Vidste ikke en flodhest kunne sove undervand..."flod" var ikke et tip. Kunne heller ikke læse anteater de føste 10 gange. troede der skulle stå ant-theater.

what a cool zoo, which one is it??helen :}

Ant-eater would be helpful. Og det er jo dødenkelt (død-enkelt). Hvor ond at de sover, når mit barnebarn gerne ville se dem lege, sige lyde etc.

haha, sweet!did they snore?

hahaha love it :)

Zoos makes me feel sad....

teehee, such a lovely sight to see them enjoy their day in the sun... while sleeping :p!

really in love with the first one too !

haha! underbart att alla sover. Tema-dag på zoo! :)))

Great shots :) The zoo looks like the fairytale for the sleeping beauty its just the animals are sleepy here. Looks really lovely.Greetings

taking pics of animals is fun, here are some that i took of sleepy animals at skansen last year:

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