Everyday stuff.

Food, cutting D's hair, more food and eating and reading. Good stuff.

▶ Everyone: Knowing that you guys read the comment-replies i feel bad about making this an 'everyone' :) But thank you for all your input. Im gonna have fun making a new design and possibly moving my blog too! i will keep you updated!


Hi greetings from Helsinki I have recently found your blog and I love it!

i am very impressed with your haircuts! my boyfriend has a similar style to d's but when I try to cut it, it always ends up looking a bit off. are the trimmers your secret? how do you do it!?

I think I love your everyday stuff-photo's the most. You're documenting your life in such a beautiful way. Greetings from Holland!

Exciting! The blog changes, I mean.

everyday-days is the best.i'm loning for vacation now so I can get back to the everydays with more energy with new design comin up! men ändra inte innehåll! :))

Simple pleasures! Der kommer god karma ud af de billeder ; )

Ha ha ser så lige at jeg ikke var logget på og har skrevet fra en andens konto (Nixon) Sorry...

Vilken underbar blogg, fylld med guldkorn!

My best friend is going to visit his boyfriend to your city. :)Do you have some places that you think she must go to? p.s. do you have any special request from Mexico? I´m a fan of your blog, so i would like to send you a tiny present :)

oh, she's looking much more like you in that photo! our little baby's face changes so much, one week looks like him, one week me but this seems to be the first time i've seen you in her - she always seems to look like D!

you do not have to re-design your everyday life.its great. what a GULLIG last pic! :D

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