A while ago favorit-Lisen commented that D seems to have a very impressive collection of knitted sweaters.

This is indeed very true and I decided we should do a tribute to the knitted sweater! Most of these are D's but i realized that I too had a couple of gems lying around. Hope you enjoy!

▶ Pop Tart: Tak jeg gør mig også umage.
Valentina: OOps --im not sure we pronounced it any better :)
▶ Fenke: Oh im so glad to hear! i made pizza last night and used an italian kamut flour -i can really recommend that too!
Nome Alone: Thanks!
▶ Tschitschi: me too
UpGemini: Thank you so much


you both look great!!^_^

this is just too funny

Thank you! This was absolutely fantastic!

unbelievable. kys mutti


hihi this made my day! lovely sweaters!!

you guys are amazing..that is hilarious..I love them all

haha, fantastisk fint! jeg er sweater-fan.

This is just perfect. What a fab collection!

that is an impressive collection!! i love them all and you look so cool together.


Hvor er det nogle hygge-billeder! fik kæmpe smil på læben! strik <3

hahaha, OH I LOVE THIS!! :)) Exhibition-material! Öppna ett tröj-museum!

These are the greatest photos! It's true, that collection of sweaters is extremely impressive. Does Elinor have a lot of sweaters, too?

Heehee that is so cool! What a great jumper collection! :)

hilarious! an impressive collection :)

Is there one with liquorice candys?:)


Haha, åh! Så himla himla fint!

Megaseje, er I! Det er så sjovt!

haha, i absolutely love this :)

Hvor er I fine!

Tak for dagens grin og smil, i er så sjove...:) har lige talt min egen lille samling... 7 styk, så er da lidt med, men hvor har min bror mange, du skal næsten vise hvor flot og HELT lige de ligger på hylderne, imponerende;)håber du kunne lide de røde sutter...:) det er jo snart valgtid:) Nys min E fra faster.Knus fra søster B

Jeg griner og klapper i mine små hænder; de, og I, er jo helt fantastiske :-)

Oh my goodness! Mette this is hilarious. And what a doll D is to play along;)

my favourite post ever!

hahaha! love this! I also love how D's hair looks rumpled in some of them :0)

*YAY* this gave me my biggest smile of the day. You two look awesome! The musical notes! Hilarious!

Åh, hvor er det godt! Elsker dem med de regnbuefarvede noder. Og ræven!

Haha! Herlig! Lurer veldig på den første genseren til D er fra? Den med reven. Jeg vil og ha.

Hold Kæft hvor er de seje!! Specielt de der musiktrøjer.I guder - må jeg være venner med jer?:) Astrid!

These photos are wonderful!!

Genial fotoserie!!!

i have sweater envy! they look so cozy! you really do have an impressive collection!

you are so so cute and funny!great couple, great sweaters mette!!!

Bedste blogpost på hele internettet i lang tid!

So adorable on so many levels :D the sweaters are ridiculously good collectibles, your hair has the perfect shape and can't say no to photos of cool couples.


What a great picture serie!!!

What a supersuper great post!!! You both look so sweet on every picture and have a great taste in sweaters;) Me and Rasmus are also sweater people, but we sure don't have even near the nice collection like you have!

Vilket underbart blogginlägg!! Så fint.

This is BRILLIANT! How cute you look! :-D

awesome!!!! hehe

Tak for et kæmpe grin ovenpå en alvorlig dag§§§§§

i just scored on some sweet oversized sweaters at the thrift store. i need to go again and pick some up for the bf cuz this photoshoot is kinda making feeling selfish. sweaters in pairs is where its at.

haha such happy jumpers love them! the second last one you are wearing especially : )


Fantastisk Mette!Og hej i øvrigt :)Kh Therese

JAG ÄSLKAR ER! jens hälsar att denna detta är det bästa han sett på länge,

awesome! takes the sweater-style into new heights!

Love them all

Åh, vilken fantastisk kollektion! Så snyggt alltsammans, ni och allt :)!

WOW! Vilket fantastiskt blogginlägg och vilka fantastiska tröjor! Den med engelsk konfekt (som Bassetts allsorts kallas på svenska.. ;) ) kan vara min favorit.

licorice allsorts!!!


hahaha! det där var ju bara helt fantastiskt!


OMG, I love this!!!! Awesome!Cheers!!

Mette! You look so cute! What a sweet post - all those cosy sweaters!Love Sandwichxoxo

oh my goodness. this is so adorable!

Jeg tilslutter mig alle de andre: Jeg er også fan af disse fotos!!!

Brilliant! xolj

Det här är det bästa blogginlägget jag sett på mycket, mycket länge! :)


this makes me very sad that reed and i only have one set of matching sweaters!!! i must find some more/force him to wear them with me! :) i'm with everyone else - these photos definitely made my night. you guys are too cute together, no wonder elinor is the second cutest baby in the world!! (i have to say tayvee is first, but elinor is a very close second place.) :) :)

hihihi you are so cute you two:)

Fantastic project with the sweaters!

oh this is so cute!

hahahaha, dere er herlige! :D

Beautiful Photo! I really like that one!

amazing collection!

Wow, I love these so much! I first read your blog a long time ago, but then I forgot your blog's name and couldn't find you again. I'm so happy to have rediscovered you at last - your blog is the best!

excellent series!!!!!! thanks for making me smile ^^

ni är så himla vackra båda två :)

i have only just discovered your blog and this post has to be my favourite so far. absolutely brilliant photos. in fact, you should get them developed and added to the wall you are sitting in front of! amazing. x

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