I recently bought a watch.

Its the first watch I have bought in a long time (its from here) and I bought it not because i needed it, just because I thought it was beautiful. After I have started wearing it, I have discovered two things: First of all there are many times throughout the day where I actually was missing a wrist watch without knowing it. I still haven't gotten used to it and I find myself thinking several times a day: "oh I wish I knew what time it was...... wait!". The other thing I have discovered is how much I enjoy seeing the time displayed beautifully. I really appreciate aesthetics and where the time before was just some numbers, its now all together a pleasant experience.

▶ everyone: I can report that I have finished a couple of sewing projects and packed away the rest of the fabric for later adventures. Feels good to get it out of the way


Just wanted to say I love your new watch!

Really awesome watch!Thoughts from Andrea,

Hvor er det flot!!

Beautiful watch:>watches are so fine accessories.

ahhhhh ive been dreaming of owning a uniform wares watch foreveR-- they are so beautiful!

åh snygg! den ser japansk ut på ett väldigt bra sätt.

this reminds me of a watch you posted about a bit ago...i think it was before elinor was born...

i love this watch!!

I want one too, it's really beautiful.

I love it !!!

If it's too difficult for you to get usede to it please give it to me for birthday!

Åhh... Det ur har jeg også drømt om. De er så fine. Der er også noget virkelig fint over et armbåndsur:)

oh, i so understand this thaughts about time and all. i felt the same when i bought a wrist watch some years ago, but... when the battery died suddenly it took me a loooong time to get a new one, so now i do not use it, because i still haven't got myself a new battery (!!). i must do that. your watch is beautiful and so simle. me like.

Det er det saa fantastisk et ur. Glemte at sige det da jeg besoegte jer for snart 100 aar siden. Jeg oensker mig saadan et ur. Og glaeder mig til at se jer snart. Har i oevrigt koebt et par gamacher (mine jeans vil ikke lukkes mere) hvor jeg taenkte paa dig

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