I knitted a scarf -first one in a long time.

Knitting is such a good way to relax but it hurt my hands if i do it too much



ooooh the scarf is really, really nice. so many triangle!:)<3 :D i especially like it in the first pic with the warm, warm light.:) .. and know the problem with the hurting hands..;): lovely greetings and much pleasure and warmth with your new scarf, lotte.:)

Love the heather knit. Looks great!

Beautiful!Do you have any tips for learning to knit? I'm left-handed and have always had trouble when I tried to learn.

OH! I thought I should knit this winter but I haven't and now it feels too late....spring is almost here (I HOPE!??!!). Now I'm inspired. This one is great! :D

Øj jeg elsker garnet! Hvor har du købt det henne? :D

Your scarf is absolutely gorgeous!

nice scarf, it's a good color combination! ;D and it looks very cozy!

Ser dejligt varmt ud:) Tak for fantastisk gave:) love it... perfekt til mit nye hjem som jeg indtager i dag...vildt men også sundt tror jeg efter 7 år i samme rammer:) hils og dejlig weekend...

I hope that's a baby doll next to Homer Simpson and not Elinor wearing a blonde wig in the second picture...Great scarf, by the way. I've been knitting a lot lately too (after taking a long break) and now my wrists and forearms ache! It's a good feeling, though.

nice! fint garn också! good job!

I love this scarf! Is is difficult to make?

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