these two beauties make me happy every time i wear them:

My early Christmas present from D (and myself): Henrik Vibskovs stunning wool hat (-"it would be stupid to wait until Christmas to wear the hat" -you know that kind of logic?) + my birthday present from D which have me checking the weather report all the time: no rain = my blue suede mini marked zipper-super flats!


Jeg elsk-elsker hatten. Jeg har kigget på den sååå-hh mange gange. Særdeles fin julegave - og som selvfølgelig skal på allerede nu.

Both love !

oooh! great pieces and great colours! and i can't help but think that the hat looks like cupcake-topping-swirl. :)

love them both! and their colours!

love them!

oh I love those. I want to order them in black but I am unsure about the size. would a 39 be a small or large (or normal) 39? sorry for that question, i am a bad online shopper... thx, hanna

Love both. I have a pair of thin-soled suede shoes that require the weather be on my side too. It can prove quite challenging... but they are so lovely to wear that it is worth it.

er vild med hatten! wauw

oh my! The baby, the hat, the shoes! I've been absent and missing your aesthetic and life stories. So lovely!


ååh hatten!! I've been checking that hat, its GREAT! and fits you very well! love the shoes too.

Alltså Åå! vilka fantastiska skor! får man fråga var dom kommer ifrån?(or should i be writing in english? Fantastic shoes, could one ask where they are from?)/Ida