I made another little softie for the baby.

Its some sort of bee and is meant to be the babys first softie since it its small and has a simple and baby-friendly form. it does not have a name yet... any suggestions?



Mr. BumbleHar aldrig skrevet en comment til dig før, men jeg følger med i din blog dagligt, og er forelsket i dit univers!Kh Ida

My mom made me some toys before I was born and I still have them and love them. It's an amazing thing to do for your baby, and that little bee is adorable.

Bee Bappaloola ;)

How about Bettie?Bettie bee, think it's quite cute :)Lisa

Sting even if it does not have a real sting :D

bao-bao ( means baby in chinese )or kuku ( doesn't mean anything i just like the sound ):)i like the bee very much. it looks so peaceful and sweet. i think it will be a very good friend with your baby.


Oh your bee looks so sweet! Mr Bumble is a cool name.

Den ser litt ut som en Bibrik.

Buzz! The first thing I came up with.. hihi! Very cute though!

oh great again!


wooow its so prettyy :)mmm my suggestion would be on my language. it might sound a little bit original if you are from another country :)ABEJA

Ooooh I love him! How sweet.

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