{ Welcome to Ungt Blod }

Welcome to Ungt Blod - The website and blog of Mette Kærlig Hilsen; a coffee making, pizza baking, many-things-building blogger and web designer of Copenhagen, Denmark. Co-founder of and co-worker at Youngest and proud to be a designer at Podio

My name is Mette, I live in Copenhagen and under the alias Ungt Blod - danish for Young Blood - I build things -and websites- make stuff, photograph everyday life and share it with the world.

Look around to see examples of what I do - You can search the archives, browse through the different categories or look at my portfolio of photography, graphic design, web design and things I have made in general.

Be sure to subscribe to the blogs rss feed and follow my web design blog Young Love over at Youngest.dk (Coming soon - maybe... if we ever get around to building it.. in the meantime check out Podio where I work and get started on your own projects!).

Find me on twitter @ungtblod - and @young_est - and please do subscribe to the RSS-feed, comment, email or tweet me! 

Thank you for visiting
Mette Kærlig Hilsen